UPARC Drum Corps

The Belleair Rotary Club financially supports various organizations on an annual basis. UPARC is one of those recipient organizations and today Polly Stannard attended our luncheon meeting with a group of UPARC participants who have learned new social and communicative skills through group drumming. About 80 individuals practice two days a week in four classes of twenty members each.

The concept of using rhythm to aid learning skills was developed by Eddie Tuduri in 1997. He had been a professional drummer until he had a serious spinal injury in a body surfing accident. It was during his own rehabilitation that he conceived the idea of using the medium of drumming to aid persons with other forms of disability. Polly’s husband learned of the drumming program in 2006 and brought it to UPARC. Now, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at this organization use drums to facilitate the learning of counting, the days of the week, months of the year and, for some, The Star Spangled Banner.

UPARC drummersSeveral of our board members, including,  from left, Joyce Baskin, Christina Dickson and Ana Maria Schweitzer, participated in a drumming session and finished the session with the drummer’s handshake that involves a gentle tap to the forearm.

Polly noted that UPARC is insuring its future by capitalizing on its affiliation with The Arc of the United States and The Arc of Florida and as of January 1, 2015 it will be known as The Arc Tampa Bay.

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