Turk speaks on Pinellas Education Foundation
Lyn Turk and Ana Maria Schweitzer

Lyn Turk and Ana Maria Schweitzer

The Belleair Rotary Club has consistently provided donations to support the Pinellas Education Foundation.  Lyn Curtis Turk, Associate Director of Individual Philanthropy, pictured here to the left of a Past President, Ana Maria Schweitzer, related that our club has given $89,250 to the Pinellas Education Foundation since 1989.  This money is used to provide financial support for students pursuing post high school education, which can be in a degree granting program or in another program that provides certification, such as needed for the occupation of plumber.  Currently, there are 1400 students enrolled in this Pinellas Education Foundation program, known as Take Stock in Children (TSIC) scholarship program.  The students can be nominated from grade 5 through grade 10.   Requirements for nomination and participation include: (1) financial need, (2) student maintains “C” grade or higher in all classes, and (3) the student “stays out of trouble” in and out of school.  Current statistics show that 95% of students in the TSIC program graduate high school.  Lyn noted that being accepted into this program is a “game changer” given the cost of college education.  She gave, as an example, the figure of $39,000 a year for out of state tuition at the University of Alabama.  This bill would be paid for a TSIC student accepted there.

Currently, members of the Belleair Rotary Club also “adopt a classroom” and provide funds for teachers to purchase supplies needed but unfunded by taxation.  Lyn noted that teachers not having that benefit currently spend more of their own money for these needs than for their own personal leisure.  She related that individuals or organizations could fund a classroom to assist teachers or classrooms in need.

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