Doorway Scholarship Pinellas Education FoundationThe Pinellas County Doorways Scholarship Program may be the crown jewel of our Rotary club’s community service projects. Through this program, we are able to help provide four-year college scholarships for deserving students from Belleair Elementary School. Without Doorways, these students would not have the financial resources needed to continue their education after high school.

Since 1992, Doorways Scholarships have been awarded to hardworking, deserving Pinellas County students in grades three through nine who meet federal poverty guidelines.

Each child selected for the program receives:

  • A Florida Prepaid scholarship for two years of tuition at a Florida public community college and two years of tuition at a Florida public college or university. Students may also use their Florida Prepaid card vocational/technical training. All schools must be on the approved list of the Florida Prepaid College Foundation, Inc.,
  • The opportunity to be paired with a mentor, and
  • A school-based coordinator to monitor, guide and encourage him/her through graduation from high school.

Students sign a contract promising to:

  • Attend school regularly
  • Maintain at least a “C” average in all classes
  • Study and complete homework assignments
  • Remain drug, alcohol and crime free.

All Doorways parents sign a contract agreeing to:

  • Attend workshops and activities
  • Maintain communication with school representatives
  • Support the educational aspirations of their children

Other Facts about Doorways

  • More than 2,300 students are enrolled in the 2002/03 school year, and an additional 300 high school graduates are achieving success at Florida colleges and technical schools.
  • 85% of Doorways students will graduate from high school (the school district average is abut 64%)
  • 40,000 students in Pinellas County are eligible for Doorways Scholarships
  • More than $14 million has been raised for Doorways children
  • All Doorways Scholarships are matched dollar for dollar with state matching funds. In 2004, a $4400 contribution bought an $8800 scholarship.

How does our sponsorship help a child?

Our contribution helps keep a local child in school and on the road to success. Frequently, children who lack the resources to continue their education beyond high school become discouraged and perform poorly or drop out of school. We change a life when we give a child hope for a productive, successful future through a college education or post secondary technical training.

Information provided by Pinellas County Education Foundation.

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