Picture 244The Belleair Elementary School is located at 1156 Lakeview Road, Clearwater, FL 33756.  Belleair Rotarian and school advocate Lothar Erdtmann passionately refers to it as “our school” because of his love for it and the long-term relationship that has existed between the school and The Rotary Club of Belleair. Our Club has provided mentors, computers, funds for teachers’ classroom needs, dictionaries for students and bicycles with accessories for winners of reading competition.Picture 247

The student body for the 2016-17 academic year  is now 645 of which one third (223 students) is receiving special services because English is their second language (ESOL).  Due to the high number of ESOL students and the lack of parental involvement in the educational process, the Principal and entire staff are participating in the “Outreach in the Community” whereby groups of teachers visit student’s homes to inform parents of school programs and opportunities.  This has shown promising results and will be intensified.  The percentage of students entitled to free lunches is 100%.

Picture 249While some of these children speak little or no English, they are considered to be an asset to the school because they often become exceptional students due to their family’s involvement in their education. In addition, the school provides two Speech/Language Pathologists to assess and treat as needed those children who have speech dysfluency not characteristic of normal language development.  All classrooms now have computers.  Two hundred fifty five students are now eligible for Promise Time two evenings a week during which courses in art, gardening, reading and others are offered as a reward for improved performance.

The May 2016 student achievement tests results showed a significant improvement, and as a result the school was upgraded from a “D” to a “B”  graded school at the end of the 2-15-2016 academic year.  This improvement was due to the dedication of teachers and specialists.  The school has 34 teachers but mentors and tutors are needed.  If you can commit to giving about 45 minutes a week for this community service, please contact Principal Tabitha Griffin at 727-469-5983.

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